CDB Group develop and distribute top brands throughout New Zealand & Australia, and we’ve been doing it since 2000.

Today, we are a team of passionate achievers who work hard and play hard. As a company we strive to attract people who want to make a difference, who share common beliefs and have the courage to go against the grain.

We are home to over 25 brands some of which we innovate ourselves, and others we own distribution rights. Either way, each brand is backed by one of our passionate teams.

Our retailers say we are easy to work with, and we pride ourselves on that.

We are what you see, no frills, extreme passion – we are CDB.

We are CDB.


CDB Group run large, centralised, automated warehouses in both Australia and New Zealand. The large investment in our warehouse facility and machinery for our team ensure that containers arriving are cleared in an efficient manner  and orders ex our warehouse are delivered in full and on time.


We have dedicated Territory Managers covering all states of Australia and regions in New Zealand. Our teams work efficiently to ensure consistent key messaging and product training is maintained at store level. Armed with the latest technology our passionate team ensure every visit to your retail teams counts.


Developing quality products is a key driver for us at CDB Group which is why we have a world class technological development department. This department run extensive product performance testing ensuring all products taken to market are industry leading quality. We also partner with UL International for all external independent testing.


With over 25 brands under the CDB Group umbrella we pride ourselves in developing world class brand and marketing support. Our in-house design team develop all collateral for our brands ensuring true consistency in market.


CDB Group are big lovers of data, we believe data is the science behind any sale which is why we have invested heavily in market leading systems. Our system has been developed to allow our distribution centres, warehouse systems, sales team and retailer data to all communicate ensuring we always have the full picture. This technology is unparalleled by any distributor in Australia or New Zealand.


Behind every brand, be it one of our own brands or distribution brands, is a dedicated team ensuring the success of every product we put to market. Our product teams manage the day to day, new product development and marketing programs for all brands. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships our product teams hold with all our retail partners, and external agencies.