Senior Leadership Team

Chris Bremner

Director - AU

Chris Heal

GM Sales & Marketing - NZ

Stephen Armstrong

GM International

Mark Lumsden

GM Finance, IT, Operations

Product Team - AU

Kellie Plant

Product Manager – NutriBullet
Kellie is our NutriBullet Extraordinaire in Australia, looking after all things NutriBullet.

Jade Trevascus

Product Manager Assistant - NutriBullet & GoPro
Jade is the Go-To for NutriBullet administration in Australia, providing dedicated support in all key areas.

David Blogg

Business Manager GoPro
Dave manages GoPro Australia: Looking after GoPro cameras/accessories/Lifestyle gear.

Lee Howe

Product Manager – GoPro
Lee works alongside Dave to manage GoPro Australia: The World's Most Versatile Action Camera!

John Whittaker

Business Manager - Jackson + Seasonal & Appliances
"Whitty" is our man of many hats successfully managing a broad team to bolster and strengthen the Jackson brand, our Seasonal items, and Appliances.

Daniel Fallshaw

Product Manager – Jackson
Daniel holds the reins and manages our Jackson products in Australia. For all items Jackson - he is our Guru.

Fiona Trajkovski

Product Manager - Seasonal & Appliances
Fiona leads and manages our Seasonal & Appliance categories in Australia, she is the crème de la crème of this team.

Siobhan Chandler

Operations Manager
Siobhan ensures the efficient operation of our Melbourne Logistics and Customer Services, improving overall performance and key problem solving.

Michael Morley

Operations Coordinator
Michael is our Operations Coordinator, working alongside Siobhan to keep our logistics innovations charging forward.

Product Team - NZ

Hayley Jeffries

Business Manager – Appliances
Hayley victoriously runs our Appliances team in New Zealand, cultivating the SodaStream NZ & NutriBullet brands to success.

Keeghan Rice

Product Manager – Appliances
Keeghan manages the Appliance brands alongside Hayley in NZ. Contact Keeghan for all things SodaStream NZ & NutriBullet NZ.

Shayla Wijohn

Product Manager's Assist - Appliances
Shayla is our Go-To for SodaStream & NutriBullet administration and marketing in New Zealand and an integral part of our wider Appliances Team.

Jarrad Douglas

Business Manager - GoPro & Consumer Electronics
Jarrad is the Maestro behind the New Zealand GoPro & Consumer Electronics Teams. JD will lead the way for all your NZ GoPro needs.

Courtney Evans

Product Manager - Consumer Electronics
Courtney is our Consumer Electronics expert! Courtney runs and manages some of the most sought-after CE brands in New Zealand.

Michael Opie

Business Manager – Seasonal
Michael runs our Seasonal Team in NZ, rolling out and implementing The Gold Standard in our Heating & Cooling products.

Brian Hack

Product Manager - Seasonal
Brian is our Seasonal products Oracle. He works with both the New Zealand & Australian teams to implement successful Heating and Cooling Programs year on year.

Manda North

Assistant Product Manager – Seasonal
Manda assists our Seasonal team in all administration tasks and beyond, acting as the main support backbone for the New Zealand Seasonal Team.

Jonny Campbell

Business Manager – Electrical
Jonny Manages and runs our Electrical Team in New Zealand. He is the wizard for innovative and successful electrical product programs in NZ.

Mark Lawson

Product Manager - Electrical
Mark is the wizard behind our Team Electrical products, delivering what it takes to remain the market leader in electrical accessories and lighting.

Danielle Genet

Product Manager's Assist - Electrical
Supporting the Electrical Team to deliver well executed product programs Danielle is a key player to the teams success in delivery.

Cal Xin

Assistant Product Manager - Electrical
Cal takes care of and supports our Electrical Team in New Zealand.

Clive Whitehead

Business Manager – Commercial
Clive has the greatest understanding for all our electrical and lighting products. Clive's focus is on nurturing our Commercial Business and customers alike.